Tournament Rules


  • Each team is guaranteed to play three games.
  • All games will consist of three 15-minute periods with stop time in the last five minutes of the third period.
  • All teams must be ready to play at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled time.
  • In the first period, the clock will start at 20 minutes for warm up, with the puck dropping at 15 minutes
  • Ties will be broken by a shoot out by three players on each team.
  • Standard non-contact rules apply.
  • Only CSA-approved equipment is allowed
  • No centre red line. Automatic icing in effect.
  • Any player receiving a match or major fighting penalty will be ejected from the tournament.
  • Any game misconduct (other than a match or major fighting penalty) occurring in the last five minutes of a game will result
    in an additional one game suspension.
  • Persistent lack of control exhibited by a team will result in ejection of the team from the tournament.
  • If a slap shot is taken (no penalty), the play will be whistled down and a face-off will be taken to the nearest neutral zone dot.
  • Players must be 18 years of age or over by April 1st, 2018