Player Experience

A coveted opportunity!


–       5 Star service and enhanced food selection

–       Top NHL Alumni interaction

–       AAA Dressing Room Amenities

–       Elite Branding and Communications



–       red carpet experience

–       2 drink tickets

–       buffet dinner

–       team jerseys on stage

–       draft ranking board

–       designated area for top teams

–       player and Alumni interaction post-draft



–       VIP stalls for top 20 fundraisers

–       VIP stalls for top fundraising team

–       Bag drop for all teams

–       Branded welcome tents/flags

–       Red carpet treatment

–       Greeters at front doors and dressing room hallway

–       Massage therapy

–       Name bars

–       Jerseys and Socks at each stall

–       Stick and sock tape

–       Wax

–       Granola bars/gatorate/water/fruit in room

–       Dressing room stick boys – NEW

–       Towels and vanity amenities

–       Team photo/gifting

–       Branded rink boards

–       Sanctioned officials

–       Score clock utilized

–       Music for warm-up and between periods – NEW

–       Healthier options for team meals – NEW

–       Top fundraising game (fundraising team versus Alumni)

–       All Star game (top fundraisers versus Alumni)



–       player opportunities to provide twitter and facebook before, during and after the tournament

–       convenient sign up methods for future tournaments i.e. Ipad docking stations