Q & A
  1. When and where is the luncheon and tournament?

    April 6-8th, 2018
    Luncheon – Westin Calgary
    Tournament – Winsport

  2. How do I sign up for the tournament?

    The captain must sign up first to establish the team, followed by the sign up of the players

  3. How much does it cost?

    The early bird entry fee is $250.00, after Dec. 1 the fee is $299.00

  4. Will I receive a tax receipt?

    No, you will receive great value for your nominal registration fee of $250

  5. How much does my team need to raise?

    In total teams must raise $25,000 by April 1 in order to participate.  As well teams must raise $5,000 by March 1.

  6. Can I approach companies for sponsorship?

    Yes corporate sponsorship or donations are accepted and will be credited towards individual and team fundraising. For more information on sponsorship please contact Leslie Gallacher at leslie.gallacher@shaw.ca  |  519-573-8075

  7. What kind of fundraising incentives are there for players?

    Top two fundraising teams receive designated dressing rooms for the entire weekend

    Top 15 individual fundraising players will have the opportunity to play in the tournament all-star game on Saturday, April 8th. This game will feature 15 NHL Alumni players

    All players raising $10,000 or more receive a special incentive

    Monthly Fundraising Incentives
    Stay tuned for short-term incentives that reward players for raising money during a specified time period

  8. How many games do we play?

    Minimum 3 games

  9. What equipment do I need?

    All games are played with full hockey equipment

  10. What are some of the benefits that players will receive?

    A Commemorative Jersey

    A Photo with their team/NHL Alumni

    Invitation to Draft Night

    A Commemorative Gift

    NHL Locker Room Treatment (Toiletries, Towel Service etc.)

    Food/Beverage at Winsport

    Opportunity to spend the weekend with a former NHL great!

  11. Which NHL Alumni Players are coming?

    We will once again being putting together a stellar list of NHL Alumni to participate in the 2017 event.   Please check back for regular updates.

  12. How many players are required on a team?

    Minimum 11, Maximum 17

  13. How many teams are in the tournament?

    Maximum 24

  14. When and where is draft night and how does it work?

    Draft Night is April 6th at the Westin Hotel, Downtown Calgary.   All draft eligible NHL Alumni playing in the tournament will be at this function.  Teams draft players in the order in which the team finished the fundraising competition

  15. Who is invited to draft night?

    In order to keep the draft night exclusive, only players and NHL Alumni are invited to draft night.  We would kindly ask that you respect this request.

  16. How can I purchase a table for the luncheon?

    Tables to the Luncheon (8 players + NHL Alumni) on April 17th can be purchased for $5,000, with a $4,000 tax receipt, or by contacting  Leslie Gallacher at leslie.gallacher@shaw.ca   |  519-573-8075

  17. Where do I send donations/cheques?

    Please make cheques payable to the ‘Gordie Howe C.A.R.E.S.’ and include the team and/or player name if applicable. Gordie Howe C.A.R.E.S. ℅ Tammy Banks, CA Suite 1007, 1520 – 4th St. SW Calgary, AB, T2R 1H5.